What Are Rock Lights? A Detailed Explanation

What Are Rock Lights? A Detailed Explanation

What Are Rock Lights? A Detailed Explanation

Driving long trails even after sunset can be both exhilarating and tricky as these trails are not often very well illuminated. So when it comes to off-roading, besides having an exotic aura it is also important to have proper visibility in the dark to access the foredooming obstacles that can damage your pickup truck on the path.

No doubt, car headlights, and fog lights do illuminate the trails in a straight line but it doesn't always fully illuminate the area. In such circumstances, the most practical yet cool addition can be in the form of rock lights which can be simply mounted beneath the vehicle. These little additions can be a game-changer that just sits underneath and are specifically designed to highlight the rocks and debris that can harm your vehicle.

As these kits can be mounted anywhere, they can totally change the way you drive. So why not invest in one? However, before you go on to find the best RGBW rock lights for your pickup truck, we have got you covered with a detailed guide below so you know it all!

Read on to see what Future Trucks has in store for you.


What are Rock Lights?

The ultimate solution when you want to ensure the safety of your beast while driving off-road. Most often, these lights are installed in the front of the vehicles so it becomes easy for the drivers to see the path ahead, installing the lights in the rear helps drivers steer the vehicle when they drive in reverse. These kits come in a multitude of settings, that is single color and lights offering a multitude of combination options for you to customize through your mobile.

If you are familiar with these notorious kits or ever used one, you would know that these are not only known for their functionality. With the best set installed, you can change the whole vibe of your vehicle, turn your usual pickup truck into its rock and roll version. This is what convenience is! It can simply set up your illumination game and provide you with top-notch features.

With the number of rock lights available in the market, the majority of them, such as Future Trucks' is controlled via smartphone that allows the driver to turn the lights on and off as needed while switching through different combinations.


When to use Rock Light? More than just illumination the undercarriage!

Beyond just the practical and functional aspects there are a lot more uses. If you are a frequent traveler or like to go off-road, you would clearly know how the addition of these aftermarket accessories can benefit you more.


 Elevate the look of your vehicle

 More visibility to see rocks and debris

 Produces a vibrant visual display

 Multiple color options and easy installation

 Can be integrated inside your vehicle

 Under hood lighting for basic maintenance and checks

 Illuminates your truck bed when you want to load and unload cargo


The Pros of Adding Rock Lights

  1. Best suited for your off-roading needs: If you are into off-roading you are well too aware of the challenges that come with driving at night. Right from keeping steer at the angles to unattended rocks, there is a lot that can happen when you drive with insufficient light. The addition of rock lights ensures that the drive has enough illumination to see what's ahead.

  2. Plenty clearance equals a smoother ride: As mentioned above, car headlights can't always illuminate the full area. Luckily, there are rock lights that provide you enough light so you can steer from obstacles and debris. And if you opt for a weatherproof kit then you can simply use them in harsh conditions and heavy-duty weather. What's more, keeping your undercarriage and car wheels out of rocks and debris will provide you a comfortable driving experience.

  3. Easy installation: Most reputable brands offer ease of installation which makes their products top-notch. These lights come with aluminum housing and all you need are a few hand tools and you would be good to go.


How to find the best RGBW rock lights?

Before you purchase a kit of first rock light you see, below are a few considerations you need to look for. The reason? Not all brands you see online offer the same quality. Below we have highlighted on what we believe are their best features:

  1. Durable material: Whether buying underbody lights or fog lights durable material is of utmost importance. Because the lights are prone to damage during rough roads and speedy rocks. Besides that, harsh weather can also result in great damage and cause the lights to wear out. Check out if the material is strong enough to survive these conditions. For instance, water-resistant pods (IP68) offer maximum durability in the most demanding conditions.

  2. Number of Pods: Illumination is the only thing you need, so why compromise on the number of pods? Although it's all about personal preferences. However, the kit should cover perfectly the whole area under your truck's surface.

  3. Controllability: It is important to look out for smart technology rather than manual switches. For instance, most models today are coming with smartphone connectivity which makes it easy to change the settings and combinations just through your phone in just one click, they are designed to be controlled manually as well.

  4. Wiring quality: How long will your rock lights last? The durability depends on the quality of housing. A better quality housing, like aluminum casing, reduces dust gathering and shattering ultimately resulting in a compatible and long-lasting pod kit.


Our Picks- Providing you with the BEST!

RGBW Rock Lights, 4 Pod Kit w Extended Wires  

  1. 4 light pods

  2. Wiring system to safely and securely connect

  3. High-quality aluminum housing

  4. Smartphone connectivity

  5. Extended wires enable you to easily mount the pods anywhere


RGBW Rock Light, 8 Pod Kit w Extended Wires  

  1. Comes equipped with all the hardware required for installation

  2. Serves universal fitment

  3. Open to choose from a vast range of options, with 16 million color combinations

  4. Another exciting feature is the light sync with the music

  5. 8 pods come with extended rear wires, best suited for longer trucks as well

  6. Shockproof with aluminum housing

  7. Waterproof with highly water-resistant pods (IP68 rated)