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How to Choose the Right Tonneau Cover?

How to Choose the Right Tonneau Cover?

Today's trucks offer the same comfort any luxury vehicle will offer with all of the utility. Truck owners get the independence as they can carry anything they want from carrying their gear to helping friends and neighbors out when they need.

However, the downside of using the bed on its own is that it is open to elements like weather, theft, and damage to the carriage. And if you love your truck way too much, you won't agree enough to add an aftermarket accessory that will add aesthetics as well as functionality. No matter what you are using your truck for, a tonneau cover or truck bed is one of the useful accessories to upgrade your ride.


Why Tonneau Bed Covers?

Having an open bed in the back that can carry almost anything unlocks unlimited possibilities for truck owners. You get additional hauling capabilities over a typical car. That's the main reason you bought it! Installing a bed cover provides a classy element to the image of your truck, covering up the carriage that's typically visible. However, the benefits it offers go way deeper than its aesthetic appeal.

Let's dive into the practical reasons to have one:

  1. Whether it is equipment for a long day of work or luggage that you need to deliver, you will obviously need protection for whatever you are hauling. There is no safer or secure way than adding a tonneau cover for year-round protection.

  2. You also want to keep your precious cargo away from prying eyes and thieves. A truck bed cover does just that by adding a level of security.

  3. Well, a tonneau cover will help you with the dilemma by keeping things in place and so often the attributes of shifting, losing, and spilling essentials while on the go.

Note that: You need to take note of the specifications of the cover, some covers offer a higher degree of safekeeping over others with a locking mechanism.


The Best Vehicle Upgrade: Common question you need to answer

Depending on your lifestyle and intended use, many covers can be configured for your truck. From retractable, roll-up, and tri-fold, in the end, you want your carriage to be safe.

However, we at Future Trucks want to offer you a little assistance!

When faced with the prospect of buying a tonneau cover, the specifications of the product alone may not address your immediate concerns or needs, taking into consideration that there are several styles to choose from. What's more, along with a wide range of styles and functions comes a wide range of prices as well.

Every tonneau cover we offer is custom made to fit your truck perfectly, protect your cargo as well as add an aesthetic appeal. Here are some of the most common questions that will further help you in the buying process:

  1. Do you need full access to your truck bed?

  2. What weather conditions do you live in?

  3. Do you want only basic features from your bed cover?

  4. Or prefer looks and functionality?

  5. How much bed security do you need?

As you continue reading below you will find the answers to these common questions.


Tonneau Covers We Offer At Future Trucks

  1. Retractable covers are best for those who want the functionality of hard cover types without the hassle of lifting the top. So to simply put these combine the best of both worlds: the ease of access and security of the traditional hard tonneau covers for trucks. Constructed with aluminum these easily retract and offer a durable and solid lid. For the ultimate in luxury, you can check our covers which are built with a fast back style at the back for improved aerodynamics locks. The canister that saves the retracted cover takes a narrow space, giving you 100% access to the truck bed.

  2. Tri-Fold Bed Covers: If you are looking for a combination of cargo protection, full cargo access and sleek styling a tri-fold cover may be the best option for you. These covers usually fold in three sections, latches down with secure clips, and rely on your tailgate lock to offer cargo security and convenient bed access. Styling and looks are subjective of course, but if you are like most truck owners who carry a lot of stuff you can look for any of the options mentioned below:

    1. Low Profile Hard Tri-Fold: You bought your truck for the utility, freedom, and space, right? That is why precisely you need a low-profile hard tri-fold cover that sits flush and turns the back of your truck into a safe haven for hauling cargo. Maximum security and theft protection doesn't mean you won't have full access to the bed when you need it. So if you are looking for a sleek look while protecting the contents of your bed, a low profile cover with a convenient hard tri-folding cover is your answer. These feature:

      • i. comes with a bright bed light

      • ii. easy at home no-drilling installation

      • iii. no matter the weather your cargo will be protected

      • iv. latches to unlock conveniently

      • v. secure locking system with rails and tailgate

      • vi. panels constructed of solid aluminum

    2. Hard Tri-Fold: Without a doubt these work just like the soft covers but there is a difference in the make. These have a more rigid surface as opposed to the soft covers which also adds an extra layer of safety. It not only protects your cargo but also makes your cover durable. These feature:
      • i. includes hardware for easy installation

      • ii. built-in LED lights for convenience in dark with 100% bed access

      • iii. weather-resistant for extreme weather conditions

      • iv. the solid matte black finish adds to the aesthetics

      • v. durable aluminum construction

    3. Soft Tri-Fold: Do you prefer a soft cover that provides fast access to any part of your truck bed? You will definitely find one that fits your vehicle on Future trucks. If you carry large or oversized loads that reach the height of your bed rails on a regular basis or you want to be ready when you carry such loads, soft covers can be a great option- you will be able to travel with the cover in a close or open position. These feature:
      • i. easy bolt-on installation

      • ii. 100% access to the truck bed

      • iii. locks securely with tailgate

      • iv. weather resistant

      • v. covered in durable UV resistant vinyl

      • vi. heavy-duty aluminum frame construction


The Final Factor- What to Look for

Now that you have chosen the style, depending on your needs and preferences, you will need to consider a few other factors apart from the security level, accessibility, and material. Pointers to make final decision:

  1. When it comes to durability the type of material used, says a lot. Go for high-quality tonneau covers made from UV-resistant vinyl.

  2. The cover should be easy to open and close, especially when you load and unload a lot of stuff.

  3. A durable locking system so you can drive with the cover closed, open, or half-open.

  4. If you are using specific bed accessories, make sure that the bed cover is compatible with them.

Lastly, you want something that is hassle-free. So the major factor to consider is the maintenance requirement which largely depends on the material and how you take care of it.