5 Things to Consider When Buying Floor Liners for Trucks

Depending on your daily drive, you could wind up spending more time with your truck's floor liners than you do with the asymmetrical rug that is in the living room. With your floor mats being the cheapest acceptable items available, it is a piece of rubber, carpet, or a combination of both merely offers any protection as compared to the floor liners for trucks.

Being said that, with floor liners you can get added protection and a custom shape that will easily fit your vehicle. Additionally, these provide walls around the edges that help trap the dust, debris, and liquid from spills saving you from the trouble of washing the floor of the vehicle. And even if stock mats hold up at all, the mats can be hard to clean, prone to wiggling around as it as good as a piece of cardboard when it comes to protecting the carpeting of your truck underneath.

You can achieve a surprisingly good look with any of the floor liners, but they are not probably what you want for your truck. Before making an investment, here are some of the things to consider:

Floor liners that are model specific: 

Depending on the vehicle and it's model, some floor liners are designed to be trimmed to make it fit to use. So if the out-of-the-box fit is not up to your standards, some reputable brands are out there that make it surprisingly easy for the buyers to choose various models and get the right fit you want. The model-specific floor liners are a great and durable way to protect the carpeting in your everyday commuter truck whether you live in wild weather or engage in a lifestyle tracked in snow or mud that can cause wreak havoc on your floor mats. You can lay down an impenetrable defense with the right set of floor protection.

Size should be the determining factor in your floor liner selection

Your floor mat might be doing a bang-up job of protecting the flat part of the floor but it is still leaving plenty of exposed carpet. All the mud and moisture have to go somewhere, so the wrong size it does not capture the entire floor resulting in more dirt and damage. Moreover, the last thing you want to do is buy a floor liner for your truck that slips and slides around or restricts the pedal while you are out running the chores. This is why it is important to pay attention to the size.

The thickness of the floor liner:

Thickness plays an important role in your floor liner efficacy. The thicker and durable floor liners make it durable for any car, truck, or SUV. So, if you are looking for the absolute best in fit, finish, and protection it is important to consider the thickness and the cushioning it provides to your feet. 

Most importantly, take note of the surface to ensure that the line you buy is anti-slippery. Because you don't want to slide your legs when engaging a drive.

Also when looking at the material for the floor liners pay attention to the thickness and groove as you want it to be thick and deep enough to keep spills from getting into the carpet. This takes us to the next point, the selection of the right material.

Choose the right material: 

The material of the floor liner ensures that no matter how much you may move around, your liner stays right where it belongs and offers protection against all the elements mother nature can throw to the interior of your truck. You can simply pick a material judging from your preference or your experience. Pick a substantial material like rubber for the rainy season or if you want to prevent the dust and debris from spilling into your truck. Tips on choosing the right material:

  1. Waterproof

  2. Low maintenance

  3. Easy to clean

  4. Adds personality to your truck's interior

Offers good protection:

For all-weather protection, tough and durable material with the highest quality will provide the best value while keeping the mud and dirt off your truck's floor. Most of the reputable manufacturers produce their floor liners with raised ridges for extra protection to help the elements like water, mud, snow, or any other moisture to become logged into it.

However, it all comes down to individual needs and lifestyle when selecting truck accessories. No matter what accessory you add to your truck, you will improve its look and cleanliness.