Truck Bed Covers

A Comprehensive Guide to Different Types of Truck Bed Covers

A Comprehensive Guide to Different Types of Truck Bed Covers

The most sold utilitarian 4-wheeler: Ford F150, even in its stock form, these cabins with a bed behind them is fare capable and better than you thought for variety of purposes. But to make it last longer there are a few tweaks and add-on aftermarket accessories that can be added to get the perks of its functionality.

The truth is: a Ford F150 or any pickup is not complete without a bed cover. Whether you are carrying lumber, hauling lots of equipment, or anything in between you need to be dependable on the truck to get the job done. Best bed covers whether you opt for hard, soft, or retractable helps to optimize your vehicle, give an added level of security as well as help to convert the trucks' bed into the largest cargo compartment with its standard functionality of 100% bed access.

However, with an impressive range of bed covers available today, while scoping out your options you will probably need a guide from the manufacturer of high-quality truck accessories. In this guide, we will break down the basic types available, along with the pros of each to help you make an informed decision.


What are the benefits of Bed Covers?

  1. Protection for truck bed: Just like the rest of your pickup, Ford F150 is certainly made to withstand the exposure of outdoor elements but all of the exposure to rain, snow, and dust can cause visible wear. If you want the best for your truck there is nothing best than adding a bed cover to protect the bed from scratches, dents, dings, and paint fading.

  2. Security: An exposed truck bed can pose a real threat to your belongings. Instead of worrying about prying eyes and potential thefts, bed covers can keep everything out of sight. Additionally, most of the tri-fold covers come with a locking system that helps to keep your cargo secure.

  3. Enhanced look: Truck bed covers are made and model specific. Plus, depending on your needs you can opt for a soft-tri fold to retractable. Or when you want a more rugged look, you will definitely find just the right fit with so many options at Future Trucks.


What features make it the Best bed cover for Ford F150?

  1. Truck bed access: You don't have to give up the free and constant access to your truck bed if you choose the best bed cover. However, to achieve the same you need to consider the bed access it provides. For instance, folding and retracting covers are most accessible giving you 100% bed access.

  2. Right fit: Another important thing to note is getting the right dimensions and model. This is not a one-size-fits-all purchase so it's wise to measure the bed dimensions then hop onto purchase or check the specifications for the make and model.

  3. Security: For the bed cover to remain in place and to offer the most protection security locks with a tailgate are a must for cargo security. Dedicated locks allow you to open the cover without messing with the bed access while tailgates offer the most security as these are hard to break open.

  4. Ease of use: Especially when you want to load and unload heavy cargo on a daily basis you will need a bed cover that can be installed quickly and removed easily and doesn't require drilling for installation.

  5. Durability: Anyone investing in a truck bed accessory would want it to last for the long haul. One area that your cover needs to excel is weather protection which is totally dependent on the construction and material. For instance, the bed covers at Future Trucks offer aluminum construction with a solid matte finish on the top covered in UV-resistant Vinyl.


Most Popular Types of Bed Covers

  1. Folding Tonneau Covers: Folding covers have gained massive popularity because of their simplicity and ease of use. These can also be either soft or hard tri-fold covers. You can leave all the panels down giving you extra safety and security, covering the truck bed, or fold them up out of way to leave some or all of your truck bed exposed.

    1. Soft Tri-fold: For basic use, things like protecting gear or your carrier from weather elements soft covers feature aluminum construction covered in heavy-duty vinyl. The framework allows it to be folded up in sections or whole which offers convenient access to 100% of the truck bed. A great choice here would be the Soft Tri Fold Ford F150 (2015-21) Tonneau cover, it is a breeze to install, and thanks to the secure clips at the front end that provides a safe and easy way to use the cover in any way possible.

    2. Hard Tri-fold: Just like soft cover, it gives you the freedom to partially or completely open the cover for as much access as you need, but with a major difference these offer an extra layer of security to your cargo with a solid and rigid surface. Believe it or not, the hard tri-fold cover from Future Trucks is not only functional but also adds to the styling of your truck. Without a doubt, this is a smart choice for those whose priority is security, bed access, and durability, an all-rounder for a clean and sleek appearance.

  2. Retractable Bed Covers: A variant of roll-up covers but with a twist- these roll into the canister instead on the top of your bed cover. These require little to no effort to operate and feature a locking closure with unique fastback styling for optimal aerodynamics. A popular choice among pickup owners is Tonneau Cover: Retractable Ford F150 (2015-21) 5.5' Bed. Since its aluminum construction with a solid and durable lid, it is one of the secure covers you will find in the market.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do bed covers deter theft?

Though all bed covers conceal your cargo, most of it depends on the tailgate locking system. This typically releases the latches located at the folds which prevent onlookers to access your gear.

2. Can I still access the full bed when bed cover is attached?

Yes, but this is limited to the type of cover you opt for. For instance, the bed covers at Future Trucks, from soft tri-fold, hard tri-fold, and retractable all offer full bed access. We recommend you to read the specifications beforehand.

3. Can I install it myself or need professional help?

All our bed covers are ready to install without any extra tools or drilling. Typically, these are designed to be a direct bolt-on upgrade requiring you to install clamps using just basic hand tools.