Precision Fit Floor Liner 1st Row- Toyota Tundra (2014-20) Crew Cab, Bucket Seats, Black


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  • Fits Toyota Tundra (2014-20)
  • Crew & Extended Cab
  • 1st Row Bucket Seats
  • Fits 1st Row Only

Product Attributes:- 

  • PERFECT FIT: Precision Digital Measurement ensures a consistently perfect fit. Made from pure and high-quality TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) through the Injection molding process, these liners provides rugged durability and excellent grip. These floor liners do not crack, curl or harden even in cold temperatures.

  • SKID FREE DESIGN: These liners are designed to fit into factory retention posts on the drive side for a perfect grip. Anti-skid nails to hold the liners firmly at the bottom so that it doesn't keep shifting. This makes sure that the dirt contained does not get to the floor, and also ensures a comfortable ride. These are easy to clean — no matter with dust, mud, sand or slush on the liners. Just pull them out of your truck and hose them off in the driveway to keep your liners always look like new.

  • ALL-WEATHER PROTECTION: Future Truck floor liner set has a rugged outer ribbing that is designed to trap water, mud, snow, and spills, making them perfect for all-weather use to protect your interior.

  • WHY FUTURE TRUCKS: We strive to do our best by minimizing product issues and maximizing service quality. In case of: missing required mounting hardware, Missing installation instructions, received damaged products, received the wrong products or if you have any questions, please feel free to let us know, and we will do our best to help you. These Floor Liners are covered by FutureTrucks Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Custom Fit weatherproof floor liners offer the ultimate defense against the elements.  We start with our precision digital measuring process to capture the nuances of each truck, and insure that the liners fit like they were factory-installed.  Using factory retention posts, Future Trucks Floor Liners accentuate interior styling, and provide the everyday utility of excellent floor protection and grip.